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MiniHoofBeats Miniatures

Mini Wonders

Mini Wonders
For Sale

Mini Hoof Beats Miniatures is glad to pronounce the birth of their first...        Mini Wonder!

Have you ever wanted a Forever Memory of your favorite miniature horse?  Now you can have it!  With a few personal photo's, I will paint a model of your horse to last you many years beyond!

Have a miniature horse that has passed away that you would like to see in 3-D again?

Look no further! 

All I need are a few specific photo's and knowledge of any special markings, a 3 week turn around time, and voila!  Your beloved miniature is yours, Forever!


Small: 3-5" tall - $35.00
Medium - 5-7" tall - $45.00
Large - above 7" - $65.00 and up (depending on size and detail).

Have an entire family (stallion, mare, foal)?  No problem! Just e-mail to inquire!

please note - pricing goes up with how much detail you request.  Pricing will be discussed when I am contacted, every model comes with a certificate of authenticity!

**I reserve the right to use photo's of any models I paint on my website or to show other customers for advertising**

Email Me!

The photos on the left are the Mini Wonders!  and the photos on the right are the horses I am painting.



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