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MiniHoofBeats Miniatures


Mini Wonders
For Sale

These are the great sites I have encountered, am friends with, or purchased mini's from!!!

L'il Beginnings Miniature Horse International Horse Sales

Ladybug Farm

Isabel Gardens Miniatures

Diminutive Miniatures

Pearl Mini Horses

Lemon Rock Ranch Miniature Horses

Horse Song Ranch

~Appaloosa Breeders~

Some of these appy breeders are expecting their very first appy babies in the next few years, Congratulations!

D & M Gemstone Appys

Pinehaven Miniature Horses

JBR Ranch

A Model Minature Horses

DRK Miniature Horses

Crayonbox Miniature Horses

Morning Mist Minis

Lost Spoke Appaloosa Miniature Horse Ranch

Hairicane Ranch

Spirit Thunder Miniatures

Appy Hollow Farm Miniature Horses

Quarter Moon Farm

Shadybrook Farm

Critter Creek

Lovepatch Farms

Wellspring Farm

T/C Mini Family Farms

Little Wee Farms

Magic Mist Miniatures

Heather Glen Miniature Horses

Rancho de Los Olivos

Pleasant View Miniatures

KpM Honeypony Miniature Horses

Texan Star Ranch

Schulz's Mini Appaloosa's

CS Royal Miniature Horses, Germany

Valley View Farm

Coventry Lane Miniature Horses

Crocker's Critters

Whinny For Me Farm

Little America Miniature Horses

Blue Diamond Farm

J and S Horse Farm

SH Miniature Horses

Six Gems Miniature Horse Farm

Blue Chip Miniatures

4 K's Miniature Horses

Illusion Farms

PALS Miniatures

Mountain Top Farm

Dancing Cloud Miniatures

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